Aug 8, 2013


I am working on new stuff and it is a lot of fun. Aluminum wire and beads is just what it takes and ... a lot of imagination. Hope you like it!

Many colors available. Also one and two flowers.

 4 Flowers with earrings $35.00

3 Flowers with earrings $30.00

Jul 22, 2013

Beautiful Stewart Park in Perth, ON

Last weekend I was in Perth in the beautiful Stewart Park for the music festival. Beside the tornado watch on Friday the rest of the weekend was wonderful. Great music and friendly peoples who came to hear the music and visit the artisans. What a great organization with all the volunteers. I hope I will be chosen next year to go again.

My great husband and my daughter

Feb 2, 2013

Hello everyone,

A new year is starting again with new creations and more shows coming up.

Saturday february 9, 2013 Il will be at the Ultimate Girls Day Out at the Carleton Raceway on Albion in Ottawa from 10:00 to 3:00

Saturday february 16, 2013 is the Ottawa Valley Crafts and Collectibles at the Glebe Community Centre 175 Third Avenue, Ottawa from 10:00 to 3:00.

I also added pictures under my pages.

Come and see all my creations and many wonderfull creators as well.